We love cats. Their little paws. Their cute noses. The way they turn upside down and wait to be adored.


But they have their place. And that place is on your lap, not your laptop.

Our own cats? Lovely. Other people's cats? Less so. Pictures of cats, tales of feline cuteness? Bored now.

So...shoo them off. Install our browser extension, and get all that cat litter off your social media.

I'm using KickStarter to fund a publicly usable beta of the version with image recognition. Please help if you can - even just a couple of quid because it made you smile would help.

Here's an example of it recognising a photo:

We have versions for Firefox and Chrome.

This just does keyword recognition; I've prototyped image recognition which looks like it works pretty well, but I need donations before I can make that available as I need to pay for the service it uses.

Internet Explorer and Safari are possible futures, but it really depends on whether there's enough demand.


Click for Firefox Plugin


For this Beta, installation is manual:

  • Download this file.
  • In Chrome, go to Settings, then Extensions.
  • Drag and drop the file in.
  • Q. Why do you hate cats?
  • A. Cats are lovely. I just don't want to read all about them on Facebook when I could be seeing heart-warming motivational stories or hoaxes about the death of famous people.
  • Q. How does it work?
  • A. It works in two ways; text keyword matches to spot cat chatter, and fancy image recognition to spot those maudlin photos. It's not perfect, so some cats will sneak through - the little varmints.
  • Q. But seriously, why do you hate cats?
  • A. Who could? They'd look at you reproachfully and your soul would shrivel. I just hate spam.
  • Q. Can I have an Internet Explorer or Chrome version?
  • A. Maybe. I'm open to bribes encouragement if you click the Donate button
  • Q. You hate cats, don't you?
  • A. If I say 'yes', will you stop asking me that? No. They're adorable. Mine kept walking on my keyboard while I was coding this; bless.
  • Q. What about GooglePlus?
  • A. No, seriously, who uses that? It's for geeks. Who knows the equivalent - perhaps pictures of particularly cute Linux servers. That's for someone else to deal with.
  • Q. This is just virtual. Do you sell tasers?
  • A. Of course not! I love cats. Though...since you mention it... No, of course not!

You can contact us (well, me) here.